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"We encourage all students to do their best".

Specialist Subjects

We endeavour to foster the potential of every student through a range of specialist, support and extension programs. Specialist teachers are employed in the areas of Physical Education, Italian, Science, Performing and Visual Arts.

The Italian program at Our Lady of the Pines aims to develop fluency in the Italian language.  The Foundation students are introduced to the Italian language through songs, games and stories and become familiar with the pronunciation and sounds of the language.

The students in Years 1 to 6 learn Italian through the ALL program which stands for Autonomous Language Learning. This involves the teaching of phrases using gestures. The gestures aid the students in their memory and in retaining the Italian.

The phrases are based on common language used at school.  The intention is for the children to use the Italian they learn. Once they have learnt a particular phrase they will use it in class throughout the year. The children are also encouraged to use Italian learnt outside of the Italian class. An award system is in place called 'Grazie' points where the children obtain points if they use Italian in their classroom. Teachers are also part of this system gaining points if they also use Italian in the classroom. The main aim of the program is to use the language learnt in context in everyday interactions. In each subsequent years the language is further developed and consolidated.

Performing Arts

Each week students at Our Lady of the Pines participate in Performing Arts where they have the opportunity to develop their skills in Music, Dance and Drama. The lessons are designed to engage and enhance student understanding and enjoyment in these three areas.

Students learn the fundamentals of music through activities based around beat, pitch, rhythm, form, dynamics and tempo using voice, movement, body percussion and instruments.

Students explore and appreciate Music, Dance and Drama from different cultures and traditions as well as respond to a diverse range of musical styles and genres. Students become aware of how to move their bodies safely and acquire the skills to choreograph their own routines.

Performing Arts encourages each individual to discover their emotions as they learn to communicate with others and develop self-confidence.


Science, as one of our Specialist areas, has a high profile at Our Lady of the Pines, led by a published scientist.  The intention is to link it more closely to technology and engineering, thereby providing a rich STEM-based curriculum. Students are involved in an engaging, hands on, dedicated science lesson every week.

We strive to ensure that all students gain a sound understanding of scientific concepts and how these relate to their everyday lives. We use a variety of digital resources as well as the Australian Academy of Science resource, “Primary Connections”, where the units link with the requirements of the Victorian Curriculum. Students learn to predict, observe, investigate, analyse, question, reason, and communicate solutions. The main areas that students focus on are Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Earth and Space Sciences and Physical Sciences.


Each year students participate in projects such as: 

- National Science Week Themed Investigations

- National Tree Day

- Earth Day

- STEM Day projects

Visual Arts

The aim of our Visual Arts Program, is based upon developing each child’s ability, confidence and creative journey into discovering their potential, interests and the wide variety of art that is available to them.  It covers many mediums and art forms including drawing, painting, construction, recycling, making models, origami, figurines, textiles and much more.


The key thinking, is that art is a journey, there are no mistakes, just learning experiences. Children are constantly developing their skills and creative flair, growing and changing, just as their personal development.

Physical Education

Our Physical Education program encourages children to value and apply physical activity for a lifetime. All classes participate in weekly lessons, where they have the opportunity to develop their motor skills through fun and engaging games and activities.  Skills such as teamwork, cooperation and good sportsmanship are also a main focus.


Students have many opportunities to take part in intra-school and inter school sports competitions across all year levels. Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics and Hooptime Basketball are just some of the exciting sports we offer.


In Mandarin students will practice using Mandarin for communicative purposes by learning how to interact in a familiar structure and routine, as well as follow simple classroom instructions. They will take part in a range of activities such as storytelling, visual art, games and ICT to explore topics They will learn how to use spoken and in simple personal interactions about themselves.

In writing, students will recognise, read and write some simple characters through games, texts, tracing, copying, and practicing.


Students will also explore the Chinese festivals celebration by learning about Chinese New Year and Lantern Festivals. They will be encouraged to explore the cultural diversity through fun ways.

All of our students now have library class instruction each week. Students visit the library once each week to borrow books alternating for home and for use in the classroom. The library space is welcoming, with a climate conducive to individual and shared learning. Library lessons help prepare students to live and learn in a world of information. 

Students have access to a wide range of quality recreational reading material to broaden horizons and boost literacy.

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