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Digital Technology


At Our Lady of the Pines, Digital Technology is integrated into student learning on a daily basis. Students are given the opportunity to benefit from Digital Technologies to support and enhance their learning and development. 

Our Lady of the Pines promotes a safe and responsible use of technology, educating students how to remain cyber safe whilst working online. Students have access to a variety of digital technology devices and applications such as iPads, Chromebooks, Makey Makeys, Touch Screen teaching panels, coding hardware and software.

Prior to use of Digital Technology children learn about the need for safety when online and are required to return a user agreement acknowledging their consent to use technology responsibly and respectfully.

Digital Devices at OLOP
In the Foundation & Junior levels the children become exposed to digital technology through the use of desktop computers and iPads, with the Grade 2's introducing the use of Chromebooks ready for the Middle Years.

The Middle levels (years 3 & 4) utilise Chromebooks in the learning, sharing devices 1:1 between the level. Children are first exposed to the Google Workspace for Education and the apps they can use to collaboratively learn online and present their work.

The  Senior levels (years 5 & 6) have 1:1 devices, using the Chromebooks daily, integrating digital technology seamlessly in their learning to create autonomous learners, readying them for their transition to high school.

The Digital Technologies curriculum aims to:
-  Develop the knowledge and skills of students for a variety of digital technology resources
-  To understand the importance of Digital Technologies and recognise the role it plays in an ever-changing technological world
-  To examine how Digital Technology affects the lives of individuals in our society
-  To develop an awareness of cyber safe practises to protect individuals wellbeing

Digital Technology is promoted through Code Club, a weekly Lunchtime club which focuses on all things coding. Students from years 1-6 are welcome each week to develop their coding and engineering skills, using Scratch, Lego and coding mice to develop their skills.



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