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"We differentiate for the needs of all abilities".

Learning & Teaching

Our Lady of the Pines is a welcoming community, working in partnership to nurture the values and traditions of the Catholic faith. Embedded throughout the curriculum are the skills of cooperation, problem solving, innovation, self-direction and the capacity to relate to others and manage change.

The curriculum offered at Our Lady of the Pines is designed to enhance the academic, social and emotional, spiritual, physical and personal development of our students.

We focus on providing a diverse curriculum that challenges our students to adapt to 21st Century learning.  Our school aims to provide rich experiences to allow students to succeed and develop as lifelong learners. Our teaching is informed by each student’s point of need, and our curriculum is adapted accordingly.

Victorian Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on the Victorian Curriculum, the educational framework for all Victorian schools.  The learning areas and capabilities include:

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