At Our Lady of the Pines we endeavour to maintain a balanced and challenging program which supports the students to strengthen and enrich their personal relationships, developing effective communication and life skills. We believe that a successful language program is one in which Reading and Viewing, Writing, and Speaking and Listening, are integrated in a supportive and stimulating environment. They are encouraged to make connections to all text types by deepening their knowledge, skills and understanding, and to speak and write with confidence.

Our English program aims to:

  • develop in students the ability to listen, speak, read, view and write with confidence, purpose and enjoyment

  • develop in students, the ability to understand, discuss and begin to critically analyse texts

  • use ongoing assessment to guide explicit teaching

  • set high expectations for student learning in all aspects of English

  • provide a rich program that meets the needs of all students

  • use contemporary tools to enhance students engagement.


The structure of the English program incorporates whole class learning, small focus group teaching, as well one-to-one conferencing. Students are encouraged to articulate their learning through reflection. Teachers consistently monitor and assess students’ strengths and weaknesses thus establishing point of need for teaching. This information is recorded and guides classroom teaching programs.

Teachers practice is evidence based: effective instructional practices ensure cohesive learning opportunities and measurable student achievement.

The Literacy programs are supported by:

  • the Literacy Leaders (Junior - Foundation to Year 2,  and Senior -Year 3 to 6)

  • a Reading Recovery Teacher

  • Learning Support Officers

  • professional learning teams at all levels

  • parent helpers in classrooms

  • speech pathology – from The Catholic Education Office

  • a fully equipped literacy and library resource centre.

The Victorian Curriculum provides the developmental overview of learning outcomes at each year level, which teachers use to plan and sequence learning experiences appropriate for their classes. Over the course of their primary schooling, the students develop essential skills and knowledge in the content strands of:

  • Language

  • Literature

  • Literacy

Additional Assistance - LLI

We provide an LLI program from Year 1 for students with learning needs. Level Literacy Intervention(LLI) and focus groups are intervention and extension programs for students who require additional support in reading and writing.