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"We aspire for our students to be life long learners".

Inquiry Approach

Through the Inquiry approach, opportunities are provided for students to pose questions about their world. Within a Contemporary learning framework, the students work individually, in pairs and in groups. They question, reflect and articulate their learning. Student voice is also encouraged to enable richer learning experiences to occur.


The Inquiry Approach is based across all the learning areas. Opportunities are provided for students to become immersed in their learning by making connections to their local and global world.  


At Our Lady of the Pines, we use an online curriculum resource, ’Mappen’, that meets mandated standards and students’ needs. The comprehensive resource covers 8 concepts over a two-year cycle. Students complete a pre-test to assess their understanding and skills and develop questions to be answered during the unit.


The concepts are:

  • Identity

  • Sustainability

  • Social Justice

  • Creativity

  • Community

  • Change

  • Discovery

  • Connections.

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