Gospel Values

Daily  Christian Meditation and Prayer

Sacramental program & Retreat Days

Social Justice Program

Class Masses participation 

Altar Servers

Celebration of major Liturgical Feast days

Journey to Bethlehem Production - Biennual


Yearly Excursions / Incursions

Years 3-6 Camps

Premier’s Reading Challenge

Book Club

Sustainability Program - Green Thumbs

Code Club

Book Week

Science Week

STEAM Program

Matific / Literacy Planet



Swimming Program

Inter School Sports

Cross Country

Athletics Day

Swimming Carnival

Hoop Time

Student Wellbeing

Buddy Program

You Can Do It!

Positive Behaviour for Learning

Cyber Safety

Fortnightly Assemblies

Anti- Bullying Initiatives

Transition Programs

Seasons Program

Growth Mindset

The Arts

Art Exhibition

 Soiree Night

School Production

Instructional Music

Pantomime classes

School Choir


School Leaders

Sports Leaders

Fire Carriers

Social Justice Leaders

Sustainability Leaders

Digital Technology Leaders

The Arts Leaders

Student Representative Council (SRC)

Meet Our Team

Brendan Keeling


Rochelle Buckley

Deputy Principal and Learning & Teaching Leader 

Father Jerald Mariadas

Parish Priest

Ida Stella

Office Administration

Adrian Ferris

Office Administration

Anna Holman

Middle Classroom Teacher and Digital Technologies Leader

Amalia De Fazio

Senior Classroom Teacher

Anesti Kotsakidis


Anne Jenkins

Senior Classroom Teacher

Cathy Moroney

Middle Classroom Teacher

Clare Davis

Middle Classroom Teacher, Middle Level Leader and Sacramental Leader

Danielle Saulsman

Senior Maths and Literacy Leader

Denise Kolokotronis

Visual Arts Teacher

Dom Rausa

Education Support Officer

Fiona Murphy

Education Support Officer

Giulia Costa

Senior Classroom Teacher and Religion Curriculum Leader

Ina Cheng

Education Support Officer

Jacinta Mylonas

Junior Classroom Teacher and Wellbeing Leader

Jane Jones

Foundation Classroom Teacher

Jenny Rhoderick

Junior Classroom Teacher

Jessica De Luca

Senior Classroom Teacher

Jessica Tibaldi 

Classroom Teacher

Judy Paul

Science Teacher

Julie Carrick

Senior Classroom Teacher and Senior Level Leader

Maria Teasdale

Italian Teacher and Middle Classroom Teacher 

Matt Green

Middle Classroom Teacher

Megan Plowright

Education Support Officer

Mel Whittle

Junior Classroom Teacher

Michael Zerbi

Performing Arts Teacher and Foundation Classroom Teacher

Monica Poulton

Middle Classroom Teacher

Nadia Vovos

Education Support Officer and Librarian

Peter Lehman

Physical Education Teacher

Sarah Cosma

Middle Classroom Teacher

Sarah Ciurleo

Junior Classroom Teacher and Positive Behaviour Learning

Steve Nugent

Support Teacher

Sue Ford

Junior Classroom Teacher, Junior Level Leader, Junior Literacy Leader and Learning Diversity Leader 

Trish Gurney

Education Support Officer

Vanessa Campbell

Foundation Classroom Teacher, Foundation Level Leader, Junior Maths Leader and Kinder Liaison Leader

Veronica Mamone

Junior Classroom Teacher













Our Lady of the Pines

Catholic Primary School